Soldier and Slave

*disclaimer*–I do not claim to be an expert on scriptures/teachings of the Catholic Church, this post is merely my musings, and the musings of my friends. It is my own interpretation of what I have come to believe and to know as my faith.

“Many are called, but few are chosen.” –Matthew 22:14

For those of you that don’t know by now: I am consecrated to Jesus through Mary using St. Louis Marie De Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus, through Mary.

I consecrated myself on November 21, 2010, the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin.

Now, you’re probably thinking, why the heck is this post called Soldier and Slave, and why did she quote that bible verse at the beginning of this post? Well, I’ll tell you. :]

  1. Every Catholic is called to be so, and through the Sacrament of Confirmation we become Soldiers for our faith. However, of all of those Catholics, few have been called (few are chosen) to become the Slave of Christ (through Mary!) as well.
  2. So, I’m not too knowledgeable about the hierarchy of the army, but I know that there are soldiers and officers. Those chosen by Christ through Mary are kind of like officers, but we aren’t the head honchos—those places are reserved for religious, priests, brothers, etc., and the top positions are for those already in Heaven, the angels and the Saints, Mary, and Christ at the very head. (At least, this is how I envision this Army idea…).

Through the consecration, we have become Slaves of Christ, through Mary. The devotion is to Christ, through Mary, meaning the devotion is taken by her to Christ. We no longer have any claim to anything (even the very hairs on our head, the footsteps we take, every breath, every word out of our mouth belongs to Mary, and through her, Christ.)  As slaves do not have a claim to property.

There are three types of slavery, according to De Montfort; Voluntary Slavery, Natural Slavery, and Enforced Slavery. Enforced is bad and should only be applied to the devil and the damned, natural slavery is, well…natural, and applies to all of us—as we belong to the Creator, the God who created us. Voluntary slavery applies to those in Heaven, and the just on Earth, such as those who consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary, and live their lives according to such conditions. In this way, we are called to be slaves of Christ– of God.

Thus, I have been chosen to be both Soldier and Slave. I will serve my God accordingly. I will strive to the best of my abilities to live my life as such, and to only glorify His name, and to unite His will with my own.It is a hard life, being both Soldier and Slave, and a hard road to travel that has many bumps and burdens. However, it is the life that I choose, because it brings me the most happiness, and fulfills my desires to be true and faithful to my God.Christ chose me through Mary, and it was declared that I would be Soldier and Slave at the moment of my conception. They have only been leading me towards the fulfillment of these titles. Every step I took, every breathe I breathed up until the moment I consecrated, was leading me to it, and now, every step I take, and every breathe I breathe is leading me closer to Christ, and the fulfillment of my soldier-ship and slavery. I know that this path is the correct one, because it is the only path that I have taken in my life where I came to know the true peace and love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the love of His mother, Mary. It is through her that I have come to know my Lord better, through her sorrow, through her peace, and through her joy. The gifts that she gives as an example to me to know her Son better and better each and every moment of my life. It is this path that will lead me to fulfill my desire of Sainthood, and it is this path that I will follow for the rest of my life. I will be humbled, and I have been humbled. But I will come to know God, and to give Him the love of my heart which He will not be able to have by anyone else. This is my choice, to live out my days belonging to Christ, through Mary, and to accept the consequences and gifts that come with it.

I have been called, and I have been chosen. Are you?