Glued Back Together

I once was broken. But Mother Mary helped me to gather up the pieces and glue them back together.

I have known loss, betrayal, misunderstanding, and pain. But I have also known love, loyalty, understanding, and healing.
My Mother has held me in her arms, countless times since I became hers through the consecration. Each time that I rip myself away from her, she welcomes me back, as I run to her arms, crying, knowing that I have betrayed her, knowing that I have broken her heart, but that she will always accept me back, and will lead me to her Son. It is Mother Mary that grabs me when I turn away from this path that I walk, towards her Son. When I am fearful, and think myself unworthy, she grabs my arm, turns me towards her, and holds my face in her hands and tells me–“you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are beloved, and I just want to give you to my Son, because you deserve Love.”–It is Mary that helps me to stay true to my path, to never leave the faith, and who leads me to have such great friends who will tell me the same thing.

There is a woman–a friend of mine named Ghillie, who is very dear to my heart, in the year and three-ish months that I have known her, we have grown to be extremely close friends. She belongs to Mother as well, and Mother uses her in my life often. Whenever I am unable to listen to Mother directly, Ghillie is there, telling me to shut my face, suck it up, and run to Jesus. All with love of course. That is one thing that I love most about Ghillie– all of her actions, whether they be little or big, mundane or exceptional, she does them with love. Even if she doesn’t realize it. It is what is beautiful about her relationship with Christ and Mary. They shine through her, and make her actions shine with their love.

Another friend of mine, coincidentally through Ghillie, one of my “big sisters” is very much the same way. But in her own way. She is logical, and extremely intelligent. Patient and kind. Always willing to listen. These are the examples that I have of my Mother. These are the ones who Mother has given me to help me glue the pieces back together when they fall apart. It is these women who Mother uses to tell me that I am worthy, beautiful, loved, and that I deserve the world–even when I don’t feel it. It is these women who Mother has chosen for me to trust with my life. These women whom Mary has chosen for me to walk with on the path towards her Son, with her watching over us, emanating the love and joy that we bring to her with our every day musings.

It is these women–my big sisters– who pick up the pieces of myself that are forgotten, and who brush the dirt off of them, and place them back together–with crazy glue–so that they will never fall off again.
With the greatest love that their hearts can bear.

I once was broken, but Mother Mary helped me to gather up the pieces, with a little help from my friends, and glue them back together again.



Queen of Angels

Mary- Virgin, Mother, Human, Immaculate, Full of Grace, Help of Christians, Queen of Peace, Mother of Mercy, Lady of Sorrows, Ark of the Covenant, Cause of our Joy, etc.

So many names describe her. So many names pointing out her importance, yet we often overlook her as not being important. We see her as simply the person who Christ came into this world through. Although there is beauty in that ignorance, because she doesn’t do anything about it. She remains in the background, humble, pure of heart. She lets us come to her instead of her coming to us.

The thing about Mary is that through her, we come to know Christ and ourselves better, because Mary is the ultimate example of how we should act as the Children of God. Mary was completely human, she was given a choice to accept God’s will for her, and she could have refused, but because of her grace and humility, she accepted with a resounding yes. Throughout her life, she was faced with some of the same situations that we are faced with every day. She was faced with the decisions in which she had to either choose God or selfishness, but because of the grace given to her by God—the same grace given to us should we choose to receive it every time we are faced with that decision—she chose the path of righteousness, not the path of sin.

This grace was with Mary throughout her whole life, she started with an Immaculate Conception, meaning she was born without the stain of original sin. God had chosen her for a beautiful task right at the moment of her conception. She grew up, was betrothed to Joseph, and had promised her life to God. Then, one day in her teens, no one knows how old for sure, but around 13-15 years old, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her to tell her that she would conceive in her womb a son, and he would be called Jesus, meaning salvation. She was astounded, because she had not had any relations with a man. Gabriel said to her that the holy spirit would come upon her, and she would conceive in her womb. He also gave her the news that her cousin Elizabeth, then an old woman, was pregnant in her old age, when they had thought her barren. Mary replied to Gabriel, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done unto me according to thy word.” This is her Fiat, her yes to the Lord to bear His only begotten Son, the salvation of mankind. It is through her Fiat, that we have the example of Mary—to always say yes to the will of God working in our lives. We may never have an Archangel come to us and tell us that we are to conceive the savior of the world, but we are faced with many decisions throughout our lives where we can say yes to the will of God, rather than throwing it in His face and denying Him our hearts, which He desires so much.

Mary could have been stoned.

Mary could have been killed for what she said yes to. She was pregnant outside of marriage, and Joseph was not the father. Joseph could have thrown her out, left her to the dogs, so-to-speak. It is not easy at times to accept the will of God, it means that you have to make sacrifices. To open your heart to a woman in need of protection, of an Earthly father for her both divine and human son. It is not an easy task, and the Angel came to Joseph, and told him to take care of Mary, to raise Jesus as his son. And so he did.

The task of raising the son of God was most likely a daunting one. I mean, imagine the three of them at the dinner table. Joseph blessing the food, what would he say? “Bless us o…you…and these….your(?)…gifts, which we are about to receive, from…your…bounty, through…you…o Lord. Amen” Awkward. And having a wife that is so full of grace that she chose to never sin. Of course—there were the years of raising Christ as a baby, toddler, and little kid. Spit up, diapers (probably cloth back then…), not sleeping through the whole night, crying, temper tantrums, nightmares, mud pies (oh come on, like you never made them too), bugs brought as presents, everything that comes with little boys.

It had to be intimidating. But God meant for them to raise His son, so no doubt, they were well equipped with whatever spiritual guidance they needed.

Above all, Mary was a woman. Of course, she is the Mother of God, and appropriated thanks should be given that she was chosen for this role. Nevertheless, Mary grew up as a woman, lived her life as a woman, and died as a woman. There is such beauty in that, as women are the crown of creation. And of course, Mary is the new Eve, as Christ is the new Adam. Both redeeming humanity from the mistake made in the Garden of Eden.

Mary is the embodiment of true femininity. An example to us all, through her Fiat, we are called to have our own fiat’s with God in our lives. Following His will to the best of our ability. Mary will constantly be by our side, ready to give us aid, leading us to her Son; a task that she absolutely cherishes.

Through Mary, we come to know Christ more fully, and on a basic level of understanding. Through Mary we come to know Christ in His humanity, and are given an opportunity to pursue great devotion to our Lord and Lady.

Mary- Seat of Wisdom, Spiritual vessel, Mystical Rose, Tower of David, Morning star, Queen of Peace.

Queen of Angels, Pray for Us.